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Real Star Security, a Zambian security company established in 2019, offers security solutions throughout Zambia. Their team consists of highly trained and vetted security guards who are qualified to handle firearms, ensuring clients peace of mind.​​​​​​​

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​​​​​​​Zambia Real Star Security Services

Event Security

Our security guards at public and private events are well equipped with uniforms, company insignia, and all appropriate gear necessary for coercion and reaction as allowed by the law. see more...

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Gate & Door Automation Systems

We supply top quality, remote controlled, automated security gates for both commercial and residential purposes.

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Armed & Unarmed Guards

Our security guards are well equipped with in-depth security skills and undergo vigorous training by ex-police instructors. see more...

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Cash In Transit

The company organizes and performs storage and transportation of valuables, special items and goods. Security is provided using armored vehicles, specialized equipment and trained teams. see more...

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Alarm Monitoring & Response

Realstar Security provides alarm systems with 24/7 monitoring. We provide different types of alarm systems for businesses and residences alike. see more...

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Control Room Management

A 24 hour control and operations center at our head office in Harare is a central location for coordinating and monitoring field operations. Our CCTV surveillance is based on the most advanced features of its monitoring center. see more...

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Private Security Training

With an increased demand from our clients for quality service and professional execution of security services, Realstar Security has prioritized offering excellent and effective training for our security officers. Our security specialists train both armed and unarmed guards to ensure a safe and secure environment for any location they are deployed to. see more...

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CCTV Installations

Realstar Security installs, supports and provides maintenance of complete video surveillance systems, with our CCTV camera systems supported by 24/7 live monitoring. see more...

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Guard Monitoring System

Realstar Security internally developed guard monitoring system offers a one-stop shop for managing our security personnel. The system creates fair schedules to avoid over or understaffing, deploys guards efficiently through SMS, email, or printouts, and then tracks their attendance in three ways: manually with marked sheets, supervisor verification with biometric devices, or real-time biometric verification with GPS location. This ensures guards are where they should be and creates a balanced schedule for your workforce. see more...

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Diplomatic & VIP Protection

Secure the safety and peace of mind of your VIPs and dignitaries with our expert diplomatic and VIP protection services. see more...

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Dog Section

We provide dog services with the assistance of professionally trained guard dogs and dog handlers.

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