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Real stars in security.

Seem safe, feel safe and be safe home and away.

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Know thyself

Get expert opinion on the state of your property's security.

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Be smart & secure

Leverage the power of the internet of things to secure your home and office with our state of the art security technology.

Armed & Unarmed Guards

Cctv Surveillance & online Monitoring

Alarm Monitoring & Armed Response

Cash in Transit

Security Investigations

Get a personalized security detail for full protection

Real Star Security offers custom security detail services for VIPs to ensure safety and privacy at rest and in transit.

Host stress free events.

Hire a professional team of trained personnel to manage your attendance list and ensure your guests feel safe and well catered for.

Here are some solutions to keep unauthorized persons at bay ...

Our access control systems offer businesses and individuals diverse means of authenticating and authorizing users around your spaces.

Manage entry and exit points with ease.

Real Star Security offers installation, repair, and maintenance of gate automation systems and electric fencing.

Rapid Response System

Get total security from our adequately trained and armed rapid response team

Security for top priority Industrial premises

We have adequately trained and equipped security officers to secure high priority sites like mines and industrial plants

Day and night security with well trained patrol dogs

Our security teams have that extra sense to sniff out threats day and night with well trained and properly managed dogs

Always available to respond to emergencies and enquiries

Real Star Security manages a very efficient call centre with human agents to attend to clients 24/7.

Secure cash-in-trasit services

We there for you, banks, shops, businesses and government institutions handling a lot of cash

Meet some of our clients

Help us grow in serving you?